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A Guide to Generational Harmony @ Work, School, & Home

With over two decades helping Fortune 500 companies, school districts, and national nonprofits engage multi-generational families, I've made it my mission to help bridge the generational communication divide. My books, keynotes, and educational sessions help you become self-aware of your own generational preferences and values. Once you discover "generational self," you have an open mind that will allow you to learn to embrace the strengths of every generation.

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Integenerational Engagement - Gen X, Millennials Baby Boomers, Gen Z



As the preeminent authority on Intergenerational Engagement and founder of The Center for Intergenerational Engagement, Dillon looks beyond just the Millennials and creates a better understanding of the five generations active in today's economy, workplace, communities, schools, and at home.


Please take a moment to explore some of his work below, ranging from his book, "GENERATION EVERYONE! A Guide to Generational Harmony at Work, School, and Home," published articles and informational blog posts.



"Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood" - Dr. Stephen Covey

GENERATION EVERYONE: A Guide to Generational Harmony at Work, School, and Home" offers much more than a simple path of just trying to figure out Millennials.


My book, Keynotes, and workshops will first, help participants become self-aware of their own generational preferences, so they can then, embrace age-diversity, dispel generational stereotypes, and learn how to use each generations’ unique strengths to:


  • Enhance Internal and External Communications

  • Boost Customer Engagement and Sales

  • Increase Productivity

  • Bring Generational Harmony to the Workplace, School, Community, and the Family


Your success as a business owner, marketer, manager, salesperson, employee, educator, or parent is often in direct proportion to your ability to effectively connect and communicate with other people. The problem is that not everyone speaks the same language. The ‘language’ that people ‘speak’ can be influenced just as much by their age as the country in which they live.


Today, humans are living longer than ever before. This has created a scenario in our society in which five different generations are active in the economy, the workplace, the household, and the education system. From the Silent Generation to Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and iGens, we all live on this planet and interact daily.


Each generation has values, expectations, and tendencies that are unique to them and their peers. A one-size-fits-all model will not work regarding engagement methodology. Learning to bridge the generational gaps and relate to people on their level will be invaluable in your quest to excel in life.


I condense decades of knowledge and experience, distilling it into easily understandable information that will help you better understand yourself, customers, employees, managers, co-workers, teachers, parents, teachers, teens, and even complete strangers.


Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z Engagement


“Dillon gives you the data – and he delivers it in an entertaining and engaging way. You’ll learn just as much about your own generation as you will learn about any of the others. Once you see through the lens offered in his keynote presentations and book, you’ll find that many, if not all, of your personal and professional interactions, will benefit from your newfound wisdom.”

Deborah Gilboa, MD a.k.a. Dr. G
Author of "Get the Behavior You Want… Without Being the Parent You Hate!"

After spending 25 years as a school administrator and state education director,  I am excited by Dillon’s presentations, workshops and book. Supported by data and raw fact, understanding the confluence of the five generations alive today has helped me gain a better understanding of the strengths and concerns facing our country centered on its inhabitants as we “engage.” Thanks Dillon for taking the time to write it down for us and present it in a fun, easy to understand format. A format that directs itself to building on the strengths and goal setting for the concerns starting with “situational awareness.”

Craig Shurick

Washington State Director of Operations & School Improvement

Dillon is an innovative professional who grasped an understanding of Millennials, and GenZ long before others paid attention to this lucrative generation. His experience with Millennial Moms is transferable to multiple industries and products. I have enjoyed working with Dillon in the mom space.

Maria Bailey
Marketing to Moms Expert & CEO , BSM Media, Inc.

“Dillon Kalkhurst’s presentation on Generations really helped me understand and rethink how we, as a PTO, can reach and include all the different generations of parents and caretakers at our schools so we can have better communication and in turn, more successful fundraising. Many of his points on how different generations communicate and socialize have really helped me get better feedback for some of our campaigns that we've launched.” 

“I have heard Dillon Kalkhurst speak on two separate occasions, the first occasion was for our Leadership class of 30 people. Not only was the information he was presenting relevant, it was engaging and interactive with the group. He scored such good reviews from the class, we asked him to speak the following year. I quickly booked him to speak at our state conference with the Florida Chamber of Commerce Professionals.  Each time he spoke it was a different and entertaining experience for the group.” 

“Dillon Kalkhurst is a dynamic speaker and educator with a passion for helping others experience generational harmony, particularly in the workplace. With five generations now interacting on a daily basis, we need leaders—such as Kalkhurst—to demonstrate how to embrace generational diversity for the betterment of our businesses, schools, and communities. His interactive sessions are jam-packed with startling statistics, useful tips, and humor to captivate any audience. Those who sit in on a session with Kalkhurst leave wiser and are eager to incite changes at work, school, and home.” 

Sarah Breed
Director of Initiatives Lakeland Chamber of Commerce

I initially saw Dillon speak at a conference and was not only entertained but learned so much great information on intergenerational communication. So when I had an appreciation lunch I had to put together for our business leaders he was the first one that came to mind. He spoke on the five generations in the workforce with a focus on millennials -since everyone can’t seem to figure them out! Dillon is very engaging with his audience and has a way of presenting the material that is fun! The feedback I received from our luncheon was incredible. Everyone loved him! 

"I have known Dillon since he was a young Gen Xer and can attest he is one of the brightest and most knowledgeable people in the field of demographics. This book is most important in helping us understand our present society. "

Carl Venters
Past President, North Carolina Association of Broadcasters

Past Vice Chairman of the National Association of Broadcasters

Nicole Leon
PTA President Westbrooke Elementary School - Ocoee, FL

Debbie Cotton
President & CEO Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce

Bridget Lake
President & CEO Oviedo-Winter Springs Chamber of Commerce



Book Dillon to Speak at Your Next Event

I am passionate about providing my Intergenerational Engagement insights, keynotes, and training to help increase generational harmony. 


Contact me if you would like to learn more. I’d love to hear from you.


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Dillon Kalkhurst, Generations Author
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