Schools Take Note - Thanks to Millennial Moms, Coupons Rule

Today's Millennial moms are amazing multitaskers; most have the same critically important job of being the CFO - Chief Financial Officer for the family household. A majority have to do this job and another one that helps pay the bills. This generation was severely affected by the great recession, and this experience has taught them to be the most financially savvy consumers we've seen since the waste-not-want-not silent generation. Being an expert in the generations, especially Millennial parents, I wondered how different generations value discounts and coupons. I assume savvy Millennials are bringing coupons back with so many online and mobile platforms offering deals on everything from gr

How Well Do You Know the Generations?

For the first time in history, there are five generations in today's families, communities, schools, and the economy. Intergenerational Engagement is a 21st Century Skill. It is important to recognize and dispel negative generational stereotypes and focus on each generation's strengths. When your organization fully embraces the power of "Age Diversity," you will enjoy a harmonious workplace, enhanced communications, and increased customer engagement. PLAY THE INTERGENERATIONAL ENGAGEMENT JEOPARDY GAME: The game works best on desktop but works on mobile as well. Here's how to play. Play alone or compete with another co-worker or team. Select a category and question. Read and answer the questi

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