Mental Health Help for ALL Students

Gen Z or iGens represent 100 percent of the students in our nation's schools. They will represent 40% of the population by 2020. Research from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America revealed 80 percent of Gen Z experiences mild to moderate depression, and anxiety. Less than 20 percent are diagnosed and getting help. I write about this challenge in the Gen Z chapter of my book, Intergenerational Engagement: Understanding the Five Generations in Today's Economy. If you follow me regularly, you know that I am a staunch advocate for teen mental health. I have seen the harmful effects of mental illness in schools, families, and communities. For years, I have felt teen mental health is

Gen Z, Mental Illness, and AR-15s

Like every partent, teen, and American, I am extremely sadened by the cowardly act of violence which led to the death of seventeen high school students yesterday on South Florida. I just watched Florida Gov. Scott address yesterday's high school shooting. He says "People who are mentally ill should not be able to buy guns." Sounds good when you say it fast but...80% of teens indicate that they suffer from mild to moderate anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. Of that 80%, less than 20% are "diagnosed." There is no way to identify every teen with a mental illness accurately. The issue is early identification and getting easy and accessible access to care before kids get to high sch

Generation Stress: Mental Illness, a Silent Epidemic

Yesterday was Valentines Day. The day of LOVE! It was also Ash Wednesday, a Christian day of peace and the first day of Lent. It was also the day a mentally ill 19-year-old stole seventeen lives in a shooting rampage in a South Florida school. I have worked with schools, parents, and students for twenty-plus years. I've experienced several generations of parents and students grow and learn through their k-12 schools. I've visited Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on numerous occasions. Yesterday ripped my heart out. While every news station is featuring their Monday morning quarterbacks talking about what should have happened to prevent this tragedy, I firmly plant the blame on the teen m

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